Hello and Welcome to The Enterprise Society

Welcome to the Enterprise Society here at Anglia Ruskin. Our aim is to encourage entrepreneurship, support business ideas and help you to grow on a personal and professional level. The society gives a space for staff and students to come together to generate ideas, collaborate and network with business professionals, mentors and each other. Anglia Ruskin is an entrepreneurial university and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re studying for you can get involved.

The enterprise society will offer students motivation, leadership, advice, resources and opportunities. The skills that you can achieve from these type of activities are considered essential in business. Many employers ask for their graduates to have an understanding of the business world.

We will also help teach you to overcome tricky and difficult situations in life such as investors meetings. It’s all about your potential and realising it. Whether you are thinking about starting a non-profit organisation or have spotted a business opportunity in the market the Enterprise Society can help you to develop the skills and courage to move forward.

The Enterprise society will provide training on idea conceptualisation, pitching, marketing, finance, networking, funding, legal and everything in between. This next year could change your life!! You cannot afford to miss this.

The society is working closely with the Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA) and we encourage all of our members to join in with their activities. They are great fun, a fantastic networking opportunity and give you the skills to Go It Alone as an entrepreneur. There is an opportunity to win some funding through The Big Pitch which runs in Semester 2 this year. You also have the opportunity to win Student Entrepreneur of the year! Which gives you an extra £1000 to spend on your business.

We can help you to:

  • Understand Business
  • Obtain business funding
  • Network with clients, customers and business partners
  • Create your business whilst studying
  • Work towards a life without financial burdens
  • Become and employer not an employee


Membership £15 a year and it is worthwhile. The number of events we’re putting on this year is huge, and we’re backed by the National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs (NACUE)

You can sign up online or use your Books Plus card at the SU reception to pay for your membership.

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